We are Christian Care Providers

Oceanic Christian Care is a division of Oceanic Counseling Group. We have extensive experience in helping people process difficult situations from a Christian perspective, such as divorce, job loss, financial issues, infidelity, family matters, etc. Our Christian Care Providers have at least a Masters degree and practice as Christian Life Coaches.
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What's the difference between Professional Counseling and Christian Care?

Professional Counseling

  • Services performed by a Licensed Counselor, Social Worker, or Therapist.
  • Provide a diagnosis according to the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual (DSM-5)
  • Able to bill your insurance and charge co-pays if applicable.
  • Limited on religious ideas and implementation.
  • Counselor education: Master’s degree or Doctorate
  • Must adhere to treatment plan and follow guidelines set forth by insurance and licensing boards.
  • Treats anxiety, depression, grief, borderline personality, trauma/PTSD, marriage, etc.
  • Virtual & in-person sessions available (depending on client location).

Christian Care

  • Services performed by a Christian Care Provider
  • Cannot provide a diagnosis or bill your insurance
  • Focuses on Christian principals and your identity in Christ.
  • Commonly open and reference the Bible in session.
  • Education: Our providers have a Master’s or Doctorate degree, practicing as a Christian Life Coach.
  • Helps you process death of a loved one, marriage & family matters, job loss, financial issues, relationship & trust, and many other life events from a Christian perspective.
  • Virtual & in-person sessions available (depending on client location).


Many churches don’t have the resources or availability for regular meetings with the staff to build into the individual lives of the congregation. That’s where we come in! Our Christian Care Providers can meet with you virtually through HIPAA compliant video chat software.


Sometimes we all need that person to help talk through ideas. And not everyone has a church pastor to lead them through life decisions. We are available for moments like these!


Our providers become your accountability partners. Each week (or as often as you schedule a session), you can give an update on your life and discuss future goals for the next week!


Do you need someone to coach you in your relationship with Christ? Our providers can come along side you and help you become a stronger believer, just like a sports coach helps the players become a stronger and better at their game.

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Church Partnerships

Are you a church leader and would like to enroll your church in our partnership program?

This would allow for the church to sponsor Christian Care for members of your congregation! Sign up on our partnership page today!


Marriage Issues

Find out what the Bible says about marriage and learn ways to grow your relationship with each other.


Just relocated? Recently divorced? Learn how to move forward with the changes in your life and what God’s plans may be.

Job Loss

Our providers can help you process your recent job loss and get back on track.

Family Matters

Struggling with the in-laws at Christmas? Brother or sister just doesn’t understand you? Meet with one of our providers and talk through it from a Christian perspective.


Did a loved one recently pass? Emotional pain is real, and we all must take time to grieve. We can help you learn about Biblical principles and how they can help you take steps forward!

Spiritual Goals

Are you looking to enhance your relationship with God? Our providers serve as Christian Coaches and can help guide you into a relationship with Christ.

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Before the Session

After you get scheduled, you’ll get an automatic email to electronically sign a few forms that are required before your session.

Starting your journey

You’ll be instructed to login to our online portal and start the virtual session at your appointment time. This is the beginning of your journey, and we are excited to see you learn more about God and his plans for your life!

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